Green Solenoid

Single chute for 12-16 volts systems. This system is made for smaller race cars perfect for extra safety especially if your shifting.

Blue Solenoid

Dual chutes for 16-24 volts systems up to 2 parachutes capable. Important: if parachute cables are 9 1/2 feet or longer it is recommended to use 24 volts. Anything less than 9 1/2 feet 16 volts is ok.

Orange Solenoid

This system is a big boy system this a 24 volt capable up to 3 parachutes system, this is recommended for big race vehicle that needs 3 parachutes for competition.

All systems are approved from NHRA and IRHA for championship competition drag racing you should have no problem going thru tech.

All systems are 2 year warranty